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Many people do find it hard to believe on why chipmunks keep destroying our gardens. Well, the reason is very simple. If you spend hours and hours of time in your garden trying to make sure that you have a perfect garden, then you are at a greater risk of having your garden invaded by chipmunks. The reason behind this is that chipmunks can detect a human’s smell from very far and when they do, they sense that the humans are there to destroy their territory. The only protective nature that these small animals do have is the fact that they gnaw everything in the garden. It is very interesting to notice that these little animals can give you a hard time especially if you have planted vegetables in your garden. The best way of keeping this small little rodents in spending less time in your garden so that you can give your vegetables some time to grow naturally.

However, many people do think that it is very hard to keep these rodents from the gardens. Little do us now that there are some more environment friendly ways in which one can keep these animals at bay. The most natural way of removing your scent from the garden is by planting crops like garlic and onions in the garden. This will deter their sense of smell because these burbs produce enough smell to counter your faint scent. This way, the chipmunks will never notice that you have been around and will never destroy your garden. It is very funny to notice that these small creatures see humans as destroyers. Is it because we have encroached in their territory or is it because many of us are just destructive in nature. Well, nature defines it all for us, if chipmunks have the capability to detect that the presence of humans is harmful to the environment and especially the forests, and then it would be better if we changed the way we think.

With this natural way of keeping chipmunks at bay, you can be assured that these animals will never bother you again. The good thing with planting onions alongside with the other vegetables is because onions do repel so many insects that could be destructive in your farm. Since they do not harm each other, then people are advised to use this environment friendly way of keeping these animals at bay and making sure that we avoid using chemical in the same. The other better way of keeping chipmunks at bay is having a pet dog with you while in the garden; chipmunks will notice the dog and take off for safety or even relocate to a new territory. The only disappointing factor with chipmunks is because they are very protective of their territories and do not like the invasion of humans or any other animal that they do consider to be harmful to them.

Since humans are trying their best to show how they do appreciate animals, there are people who have decided to take in chipmunks as their pet in the house. Although this can be a tricky decision, it has really worked for many people and especially those who do love animals. The sad thing with chipmunks is the fact that they are capable of destroying some of your valuables if they feel like. Just like rats, chipmunks host a number of vectors that are harmful for the human growth. Some of these vectors include fleas and lice. If a human is infested with fleas, then he will tell you what it means to have fleas rolling all over your skin. These include skin rashes and the risk of contracting rabies.

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